This is a painting from a scene at Sandy Hook, NJ....second in a series from the area. 

Scenes from Palisades Interstate Park

Autumn Creepers ...9x12 Interactive Acrylics
Along the road ..... 11x14 acrylic
Atop the cliffs .....11x14 acrylics

Sunset on the mountain

I decided to go with lots of color in this sunset scene.Rather than silhouette the foreground in deep shadow, I wanted to reveal the landscape as well. 8x10 oil on panel.

Colors of a snowy day

I rarely paint winter scenes, but with all the snow storms we've been having lately I figured it's about time. I went to our local park and throughly enjoyed trecking through the snow and finding plenty of reference shots to work from. This is an 8x10 oil on canvas board. ($125 framed).

Early winter

Lake in Hudson County Park..February thaw

Oil on stretched canvas 16x20 unframed $225

Rising moon at twilight

This is a scene from a nearby lake in my area. The first photo is my initial impression, however I reworked the painting by adding in more detail and color. I was unhappy with the clouds on the left as they were too light and threw the balance of the darks on the right in the water. I switched to a larger brush and made a mix of payne's gray and white,with a slight dab of cad red medium. I then softened the edges with my finger. I added in more highlights using white, cad yellow, and cad red, keeping the mix more to the white side, with just a hint of color. I then added in some of the dark cloud color into the water, highlighting the reflected sky with a medium values of phtalo blue grayed down with payne's gray. I then toned down the red along the horizon, adding in some white with cad red. Over all I'm much more pleased with the end result.

Fallen tree in forest light

Usually I fuss and fret and wind up spending days on end adjusting and readjusting my work, but for some reason I've allowed myself the freedom to let things just "be". I've tried a new technique on the "Fallen tree in Forest Light" taken from a scene I shot while hiking in the fall . I began painting in my shapes and colors with my reference photo and canvas turned to their side instead of upright. This allowed me to concentrate on getting the light right instead of focusing on "what" I was painting. Once I got that down, I tried to keep my paints thin, to retain transparent color in the areas of light, deepening in the shadow areas with slightly thicker paint as well as using thicker paint for the fallen tree.

Spring inspirations

Every year, in the town of Belleville, NJ people from all over the Metropolitan area flock to see the Cherry Blossom Festival in Branch Brook Park. There are literally hundreds of these beautiful trees lining quaint little paths throughout the park, both a photographer's and artist's delight. I love walking the familiar paths, but still take hundreds of photos each and every Spring. Another favorite place of mine is Hudson County Park, in North Bergen, NJ. These paintings were inspired by scenes from these areas.

View of Delaware River

This is an 18x24 oil on stretched canvas. This is an Autumn scene of the Delaware River, east of the Delaware Water Gap, taken from a foot bridge. You have a clear view of the Gap off in the distance.

Swirling Stream

This is an 18x24 oil on canvas that I did a number of years ago. What attracted me the most to this forest scene was the beautiful swirling patterns of moving water, reflecting the sky color above.

Hyde Park, NY

16x20 oil on canvas painting done from a reference photo taken by my daughter Lisa. She and her husband Paul visited the Franklin Roosevelt Estate in Hyde Park, NY a few years back on their anniversary and wanted to preserve the memory in a painting. This is a view looking eastward towards the Hudson River.

Scenic Overlook

The above painting is based on a pastural view from the scenic overlook, located on Rt.80 East, overlooking the Delaware valley, towards the Delaware Water Gap . I often stop and take pictures and each time I discover something new. It's especially beautiful in the Fall. This painting is second in a series of 4 .

Delaware Water Gap

I frequently travel between NJ and Pa and always pass through the Delaware Water Gap area. Just before the bridge, coming from NJ, is a cut off leading to a recreation area on the East side of Rt. 80. It offers a close up view of the Delaware River and Gap . During the past several years there has been severe flooding and the area has been renovated with a new welcome center. This painting represents the area before the new fence was installed, not that anyone would probably even notice, but just thought I'd make a notation on that for those who would remember. Oil on canvas 18x24.

Waterfall scene

I've painted this scene several years ago when I first tried my hand with the newer water-based oils. It was taken from a photo reference found on the web, so I have no idea where these beautiful falls are located. If anyone recognizes them, please feel free to post a reply.
In this painting I was concentrating on picking up the subtle variations of green in the foiliage and the feel of fast moving water.

Camel Back Mt.View

Camel Back Mt. is located in North East the heart of the Pocono Mts. I absolutely love the feeling I get looking out over the Delaware Valley below.

Lily pond

This is a painting I've done from a place along a Delaware Water Gap hiking trail in Pa. just off of rt.611. About a quarter of a mile in, on the right hand side, there is a pool of water with hundreds of water lilies peeking out. Due to heavy rains and flooding over the past several years, the area has changed and is now difficult to navigate. 16x20 oil on stretched canvas. Please click image for larger view.